Diary Entry #10 (Jenni)

Dear Diary,

We had a boy! We named him Jaden. The labor wasn’t as bad as with Deborah. But they told me that the first one was always the hardest. We are taking him home today. Screenshot-53 copy

So there is a hilarious story behind Jaden’s birth. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday and we had just got done singing him happy birthday and watching him age up.

I had been feeling Jaden move a lot and asked Goodwin if he wanted to feel my belly for a kick.

As soon as Goodwin touched my belly I had to most intense pain! It was as if Jaden was trying to leap into his daddy’s arms from my womb. I knew immediately that I was going into labor.

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So we rushed to the hospital and that’s the full circle. I will never let Goodwin live that down. I told him that he jump started my labor by encouraging Jaden to come out and play.

Also, while I was sleeping after they took Jaden to the nursery, My dad called and said that he had a surprise for us when we get home. I wonder what it is??? I guess it’s time to pack up the car and take our little bundle home and find out.



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