Diary Entry #9 (Jenni)

Dear Diary,

I’m not going to apologize for not writing in you for so long. I have a life and unfortunately you did not fit into it until now. It’s been about a year and a half since my last entry. Deborah has become a well-developed toddler. I am so proud of everything that she has accomplished. She has been potty trained; she learned and walk and talk! There is nothing that she can’t do.

Goodwin and I got married not long after my last entry. We are planning our one year anniversary to the beach soon. It’ll be a fun trip because I have some more exciting news!




I found out about 4 months ago and I wanted to make sure that nothing was going to happen before I told Goodwin. I mean, if I lost it I would still have told him, but I didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up until I was sure.

We still don’t want to know what the sex is. We want a surprise like we had with Deborah. I can’t wait to welcome this baby! I know I’m not that old but I just love the idea of having a large family! But I have a feeling my family might get bigger and not from me having another baby.

My mom and dad have both found people that they are interested in. It’s still to early to tell anything about their relationships but they seem to get along alright. My mom is talking to a guy named Max Racket.


I don’t know much about him, but word around town is that he is a nasty guy and he’s married. So my mom needs to leave him alone. My dad is seeing a lady by the name of Pattina Knack.


Yeah, she’s married too. And from what I’ve heard, they were happily married until she put herself up on a dating website. That’s how my dad found her. She seems sweet enough, but if you’re willing to cheat on your first husband what means your not gonna cheat on your second one?

But I guess I don’t have much room to talk. I was after all the one who got pregnant out of wedlock. I just hope they can all be happy together and that no one gets hurt. So now that that’s all out on the table, I’m gonna get some shut eye. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow and I have to get ready buy another crib. We are really getting tight on space…..

Things to do things to do….



3 thoughts on “Diary Entry #9 (Jenni)

  1. Yay! It’s so nice that Jenni is pregnant. I’m glad her parents are going out and dating but hopefully her mom will stay away from Max Racket, she shouldn’t date a married man, and he is mean. Cool chapter!


    1. Thank you! And yeah, Max is a no go. They more she was falling for him the more I kept thinking to myself “Are you crazy?” But the heart wants what the heart wants. Lol! But I, personally, don’t think they will work out.

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