Diary Entry #8 (Jenni)

Dear Diary,

It’s been six months since Goodwin and I got engaged. It’s been hectic, to say the least. My parents were really excited about the news and offered to pay for anything that we wanted. Since we weren’t planning on having an actually wedding we told them that we appreciated everything but to not bother. We plan on tying the knot in two or three weeks.

Speaking of my parents, they dropped a small bomb on me the other day. They both told me that they were trying online dating. I don’t know how I feel about them trying to meet new people online.

Screenshot-33 copy

My dad says that he has been getting lonely and wants to find someone to share his old age with. My mom wants some to cater to her. She is a little bossy sometimes. But I fear that they are going to have a hard time with that because neither of them have very good characteristics.

My dad is a couch potato, really clumsy, sleeps a lot and acts childish more times than not. My mom is overly emotional, neurotic, and (I hate to say it) a loser. She also really hates the outside, so nothing ever gets done there. And to top it all off, they both have commitment issues. I know they really want someone, but my fear is that this is going to blow up in their faces. I really hope it doesn’t.

Only time will tell….



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