Diary Entry #6 (Jenni)

Dear Diary,

So it’s been a while like I said it would be since I could write again. Deborah is 8 months old and getting bigger every day. She has her dads eyes and I can see a lot more of myself in her every day. She is a happy baby, that’s for sure. She loves classical music and you can just see her eyes light up every time you play it.


Goodwin’s parents were kind enough to send her a present in the mail. It’s a little rag doll and Deborah can’t get enough it of. Every time you pull it out she giggles and giggles. Goodwin has been staying at our house because he says that he doesn’t want to miss anything that she does. He is such a big help.


I can’t wait to start planning for Debbie’s first birthday! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home. Ever since Debbie came home, my parents have been talking more. I don’t have any hopes that they will get back together. But the fact that we can act more like a family is enough for me.

Goodwin is supposed to come by after work and watch Deborah for me so that I can go to work. It was nice of the spa to give a little longer than planned maternity leave. But I am ready to go back to work. I love being with my baby, but I miss spending time with adults too. Who would have ever thought, huh?

Well… I hear Deborah crying. It’s time to go get her up from her nap.



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