Diary Entry #4 (Jenni)

Dear diary,

The day has come. I woke up this morning with severe cramps and I thought I had peed myself in my sleep. Come to find out my water broke and I was having contractions.


Thankfully my mom sleeps in the room next to mine. I managed to force myself out of bed and stagger to her room. It was a struggle to wake her up because she is such a hard sleeper. But my howls of pain managed to break through her fog.

Even though my parents aren’t talking my mom helped me downstairs and then went into the front bedroom to wake up my dad. That is the fastest I’ve ever seen him move. Next time though he might want to remember pants before bolting down the hall. He was putting his shoes on before he realized it. Even though I was in pain I couldn’t help but laugh. Once everyone was dressed we climbed in the car and my dad drove us to the hospital. My midwife tried to talk me into a homebirth but this being my first baby, I felt more comfortable with a doctor there.

On the way there I called Goodwin. He was angry at first because I woke him up. But when he heard how much pain I was in he shut up and told me he would be there as soon as he could. I’m resting in a room right now. The doctor came and checked on me. He says that I am 5 cm dilated and that it could be a while before the baby comes. That’s why I’m writing to you. They gave me medicine for the pain so I can think straight for right now. But those contractions are getting stronger. I hope I can do this. I’ve never had anything hurt this bad before.

I’m really scared. And Goodwin still isn’t here. I’m trying not to freak out because I know he lives at least an hour away, but I really want him here. I cry every time I think about him missing our baby’s birth. I hope I don’t have to do this alone….. I don’t think I can do it alone.

Please hurry Goodwin.



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