Diary Entry #2 (Jenni)

Dear Diary,

I finally worked up the nerve to tell my mom that I was pregnant. I knew I couldn’t keep my secret for long because I see them every day. One of them was bound to notice that I was getting bigger. I would rather tell my mom than my dad because being a daddy’s girl, I don’t want to disappoint him. My mom took it a lot better than I thought she would. She was disappointed, of course. It would have looked better if I had been married but she realized there was nothing we could do about it now. She asked if she could feel the baby, so I let her. She actually got a kick!


We decided that we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby until it was born. This would help to hide the baby from my dad for a little longer and make sure that we didn’t buy the wrong color baby stuff. We also talked about if we should tell my boyfriend about the baby. She agreed with me that he might leave. And if he does then he won’t get to be a part of this precious baby’s life.

As for my physical self, I can tell that it is getting harder to do things. Doing the laundry is a little bit of a struggle now because the washroom is so tiny that I have to turn to the side to put things in the washer and I can barely get back up from having to bend over and pull things out of the dryer. I also eat a lot more now. Just this morning I had waffle and macaroni and cheese. I never knew pregnancy cravings were so weird.

I have another doctors appointment this week to check on the baby. They told me at my last one that the baby was growing really fast and that I might be able to deliver sooner than we planned. I’m hoping this will be a smooth pregnancy and all will go well.



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